Saratoga County Educational Local 864 consists of 11 school district units and over 2,000 non-instructional employees in Saratoga County.  Saratoga Local 864 is a proud member of the CSEA.  Each of these Units have their own officers.  These officers handle the everyday problems within their School District.  Each unit has it’s own collective bargaining agreement in which is negotiated by a committee appointed by the President of that Unit.  The Local’s Executive Board consists of the elected officers of the Local and the Presidents of each Unit under the Local’s domain. 


The officer’s position of the Local consist of a President, Executive Vice-President, 3 Vice Presidents, Secretary and a Treasurer all of which is elected by it’s members.


The Locals goals are to encourage more member involvement, to reach out to any Unit who may need our help in Saratoga Local 864.  Saratoga Local 864 is the 2nd largest Local in Region IV.  With over 2,000 members, we should be able to help each other in our every day struggles with contract negotiations, electing politicians in our cities/towns/villages who respect working families and organizing more members.


The Local is here to work collectively as one TEAM for all our members. 

Some of our goals are to:

  • Encourage more member involvement
  • Reach out to any and all units who may need help in reaching fullest potential
  • Working together to face the challenges we all share ahead.  

The officers of each local attend many seminars throughout their tenure as representatives of the local and their respective units.  These seminars allow the officers to stay current on various issues, laws and changes that impact on the membership.